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Real Estate

Subtle Signs That Spring Is Around The Corner
Our team has been busy with pre-listing & buyer consultations, with those who are contemplating selling their property, or those exploring purchasing a home.

This can be an overwhelming process, however, we prefer you involve us from the moment you start thinking about it, and we'll do a lot of the leg work with you.  We don't always immediately list each property, nor does every buyer immediately head out to showings, but since we have lots of years of experience under our belts, we can help you navigate your way and lead to when the time is right for you.  This is your process, and we will always respect that and we thank you for the opportunity to serve you, your friends, and family.

Do we embrace technology?
The answer is YES -- Have you caught us on our social media having fun?  We love a good work/life balance and it shows!  However, we do want you to know that we use technology everyday in our business and can easily adapt to the needs of our clients, whether you prefer text, email, video, or us stopping by with paper copies - we're here and tailor our business to YOUR needs always.

*We have several apps that we suggest our clients use
*We have been known to Video Chat/Facetime our way through a showing for those relocating from out of town
*We can handle the entire transaction virtually paperless
*Our website is an invaluable place for all of your nationwide real estate needs

We feel that being well versed in technology can only be an asset for our clients so we are always using, learning, and keeping up with it all.
Please reach out if you have any questions - do so via your preferred method of communication, always.