January Market Update

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How's the Market?

This is something that we get asked a lot, and that can vary often times - we aim to keep you abreast of the market & if you don't receive our monthly newsletter, we're providing some of the details here:

Well, you might be surprised to hear that the market is rocking and rolling with no regard to 'the time of year' that used to indicate a slow down because it was 'the winter season.'  Our team is actively working with buyers that are in Multiple Offer scenarios - yes, in January.  Sellers are slowly starting to realize that this can be the time to sell and make money on their initial investment - Even if they purchased less than five years ago.  <---- in our market, in years passed, we'd strongly caution your ability to profit within that timeframe, but, it's happening now in areas.   Wonder if it's happening in yours?  Our team can provide a comprehensive market analysis to help you decide if the time is right to sell.

Actually, if you are pondering a SELL or BUY this February, this season, or this year, call us now so we can better prepare you for the market you'll enter.  You'll want a qualified Team on your side.