January 2022 Market Update

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Wondering where the Market stands for 2022?
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Our team loves to talk real estate & we encourage your questions, whether you are considering an upcoming real estate sale or purchase, know someone who is, or, you're inquisitive for your investment -- these are all great reasons to know the current market.

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We pride ourselves on our private consultations - providing you the facts you'll need to make your best decisions. It's never too early to talk with us about buying or selling property, and it's our mission to help you prepare to be in the best position to enter the market, when you choose.

Why keep in touch?
Because we like you! In all seriousness, you may be shocked in the role(s) we play for our clients and customers alike - need a service referral?  Looking for a real estate attorney that can help you add someone to your deed, or help you to be sure your asset(s) are in order BEFORE they NEED to be? Considering refinancing? Looking to make improvements to your property and make sure they'll be favorable for a future sale? Not sure where you can come up with funds to renovate?   We could go on, and on.....

The bottom line:
As we enter this new year, and another real estate market, it's important to know that we're still seeing that there are more buyers than inventory available.  This means it could be a really good time to sell property.  This also solidifies that YES, buyers are still out there and taking advantage of very low mortgage rates.  Loan limits have been increased, and now more than ever, there's great buying power, at a great rate.  Speaking of, rates will continue to move upward so if you're on the fence about buying, please give us a call now so we can stay in touch.  All in all, we're looking forward to a great year with serving the real estate needs of you, your family, and your friends!